Photo archive

Here are some archival photos of Hiroe Swen.
Many photos of earlier days in Japan were lost in the fire in 1986.

Arrival in Australia

Hiroe at her studio

Teaching with passion

Pastoral gallery: First building 1973–1986

Gallery destroyed by fire in 1986: rebuilding

New Pastoral Gallery: 1988 – 2003

View from the gallery


Early 1990s

Cornel Swen designs for Pastoral Gallery promotions


Kimi & Eiji Takebe–Hiroe’s parents.
They were Hiroe’s biggest supporters and she looked up to them.
They lived with Hiroe & Cornel for 3 decades,
passing away in Queanbeyan.


Cornel Swen–Hiroe’s husband, soulmate and the love of her life.
Cornel passed away in 2022.